Tour Guide and Future Dates

Please feel free use this written guide for a self-guided tour for educational purposes:LGBT Centre History_We were Born in the 80s_TOUR GUIDE.

Future Tours Dates:

Saturday 14th October 2017. 12.30pm. Private Tour for the Rainy City Roller Derby All Stars.

Sunday 26th November 2017. Check back here for more details. Meet at 12:30pm at the side entrance of Town Hall on Lloyd Street, I will be holding a pride flag – you wont miss me! We will finish around 2:00pm at the LGBT Centre/ Sidney Street Cafe (just off Oxford Road). Everyone attending will receive a free zine about the history of the centre.

If you would like me to carry out the tour for your team/ as part of your event – just get in touch with Ali at The Proud Trust.

Previous Tours Dates: 

  • Tuesday 10th February 2015, as part of the first LGBT History Festival.
  • Saturday 14th February 2015, as part of the first LGBT History Festival.
  • Thursday 27th August 2015, as part of Political Pride.
  • Friday 27th November 2015, to celebrate the Centre’s 27th birthday!
  • Saturday 27th February 2016, as part of the LGBT History Festival.
  • Saturday 4th June 2016, as part of Manchester Histories Festival.
  • Saturday 6th August 2016, as part of Loitering with Intent.
  • Saturday 17th September 2016, to celebrate the launch of OUT! Manchester
  • Wednesday 23rd November 2016, for Staff of Barnardo’s.
  • Sunday 27th November 2016, to celebrate the Centre’s 28th birthday!
  • Sunday 26th February 2017, to celebrate LGBT History Month with The Proud Trust.

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