Tour Guide and Future Dates

Please feel free use this written guide for a self-guided tour for educational purposes:LGBT Centre History_We were Born in the 80s_TOUR GUIDE.

Future Tours Dates:

Sunday 25th November 2018. Date To Be Confirmed. To celebrate the Centre’s 30th Birthday. Check back here for registration link.

If you would like me to carry out the tour for your group or as part of an event – just get in touch with Ali at The Proud Trust. It is a great away day activity if you fancy something different!

Previous Tours Dates: 

  • Tuesday 10th February 2015, as part of the first LGBT History Festival.
  • Saturday 14th February 2015, as part of the first LGBT History Festival.
  • Thursday 27th August 2015, as part of Political Pride.
  • Friday 27th November 2015, to celebrate the Centre’s 27th birthday!
  • Saturday 27th February 2016, as part of the LGBT History Festival.
  • Saturday 4th June 2016, as part of Manchester Histories Festival.
  • Saturday 6th August 2016, as part of Loitering with Intent.
  • Saturday 17th September 2016, to celebrate the launch of OUT! Manchester
  • Wednesday 23rd November 2016, for Staff of Barnardo’s.
  • Sunday 27th November 2016, to celebrate the Centre’s 28th birthday!
  • Sunday 26th February 2017, to celebrate LGBT History Month with The Proud Trust.
  • Saturday 14th October 2017. 12.30pm. Private Tour for the Rainy City Roller Derby All Stars.
  • Wednesday 31st January 2018 2pm. Private Tour for the Officials of the Roller Derby World Cup.
  • Sunday 26th November 2017, to celebrate the Centre’s 29th birthday!

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