Re-Build + Fundriasing

I worked on this history project voluntarily, and provide the information for free. I do not want any donations personally, but as you have read, the centre relies on grant funding which today is becoming very scarce. Please donate to The Proud Trust so it can continue providing a valuable service to the LGBT community at the Joyce Layland LGBT Centre.

You can learn more about the campaign to re-build the centre here:

LGBT+ Centre Re-build Appeal Video

To donate to Manchester’s LGBT Centre please follow this link.


The Proud Trust putting LGBT Youth on the Agenda.

The Proud Trust is a regional organisation supporting LGBT young people and LGBT Youth organisations in the North West of England. We are made up of existing LGBT Youth Groups across the region covering Greater Manchester, Greater Merseyside, Lancashire, Cheshire and Cumbria. We run Lesbian and Gay Youth Manchester, Trans youth services, training to both practitioners and young people on LGBT awareness and support, peer mentoring and the LGBT Youth College

Why the community needs us

We help save lives of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans young people through our services, advocacy and support. We give people a safe space to come to where they can be themselves and escape homo/bi/trans-phobia. We provide volunteering and leadership opportunities e.g. young people trained to help other young people learn or get support. We train young and older people in LGBT awareness so that they can help friends or family who are LGBT and they can celebrate diversity.

Our impact on the community

Some young people we work with get bullied. We help them gain assertiveness to challenge the bullying or challenge their schools so that the bullying stops. We help people develop their life skills so they can negotiate life better including accredited cooking courses and youth work courses. We help young people find safe spaces to live, work and learn, sometimes escaping from homophobic families and communities. Young people we work with now have a greater chance of success in life!

The Proud Trust supports lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans young people in the UK. We do this in three main ways:

1. Services for Young People – we run a variety of weekly youth work sessions for young people in Manchester and several areas of Greater Manchester including Stockport,  WythenshaweRochdale and Oldham.

We also run a Peer Mentoring Service for young people to access support remotely.

2. The Network – we coordinate a professionals network for youth workers running LGBT youth services across the UK. This is done with regular meetings, a fortnightly newsletter andevents for young people. We operate this network in partnership with the North West Regional Youth Work Unit. With this network we have developed a ten year strategy for the region called the 2020 Vision for LGBT Young People:

3. Training and Consultancy – we offer a wide range of LGBT Awareness training opportunities from workshops for young people through to bespoke training for professionals working in the youth sector.

4. The LGBT Centre in Manchester. We have been coordinating and managing the Centre since 2013. For information about the centre please contact us or read the Building Use Statement.

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